BREAKING: Leaked Russian Documents Show Trump Impeachment Imminent

An anonymous source from inside the the Trump administration has leaked documents showing Trump will soon be impeached. Russian intelligence officials, at the direction of the Putin administration has a 30 day plan in place to boot Trump out of office after Trump allegedly went back on promises made prior to being elected.

Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly

Even though Trump has continually denied allegations of contact with Russia, in the past few days, CNN has reported that there has a been a Trump/Russian collaboration going on well before the election. Some sources who requested to remain anonymous are speculating as early as June 2014.

As per usual, Trump has continued to deny any association with Russia, even with multiple US intelligence organization investigating possible bribes and extortion.

“I have nothing to do with Russia. I have no deals there. I don’t know anything,” said Trump in a bizarre press conference, reported by Fox News.

One things seems to be clear: Trump’s time as president may be the shortest of any president in the history of the United States.

Donald Trump vs. Bill O'Reilly: How Do They Compare?

Donald Trump is a top Presidential candidate, and Bill O’Reilly, a “journalist and reporter”, has no qualms about slamming Trump. O’Reilly will pick apart any point or issue he can find - or fabricate - in order to have something, to present to tell the public.

Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly

What Bill O’Reilly is even better at is whitewashing his own misdeeds and misrepresentation of facts. Let’s take a glance at these two personalities side-by-side and do a quick comparison. From there you can do a bit more digging and draw your own conclusions:

Donald Trump

  • The Apprentice: In 2007 Donald Trump was awarded a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for his contributions to television via his Primetime Emmy-nominated show, The Apprentice. Perhaps not as prestigious as a Polk or a Peabody, but an honor he was actually awarded nonetheless.
  • Mariages: Trump has been married three times, divorced twice. He has children from all three marriages. Both ex-wives Ivana Zelnickova Trump and Marla Maples Trump, continue to be on good terms with Trump and agree that the divorces were both amicable. No reports of attempts to undermine relationships following the divorces have been reported.
  • Upbring: Trump was born and raised in New York City, attending Kew Forest School until the age of 13. Then his parents placed him in the New York Military Academy, where he excelled both academically and socially. He graduated in 1964 a star athlete and student leader. He then completed two years of college at Fordham University and then attended the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in Economics in 1968.
  • Controversial Comments: Following Trump’s comments that illegal Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and need to be deported immediately, two men assaulted a homeless Hispanic man in Boston. The men cited Trump’s comments as their reason for beating the man with a metal pole and urinating on him. Trump denounced the crime, stating that he would never condone violence and that “We ned energy and passion, but we must treat each other with respect”.
  • Welfare: Trump has never specifically targeted single mothers who receive government assistance. He has stated that the food stamp program is meant to provide temporary assistance for families in times of financial need, not to allow them to remain “on the dole” for a decade.

Bill O’Reilly

  • Inside Edition: Bill O’Reilly has preened his own feathers by claiming that as host of Inside Edition he won two Peabody Awards. He then went on to clarify he meant to say he had won a Polk Award, not two Peabodys. The truth of the matter is he won neither. Inside Edition did in fact win a Polk Award - a full year after O’Reilly left the show.
  • Mariages: In 1996 O’Reilly married Maureen McPhilmy. In 2010 they separated under less than friendly circumstances. They were divorced in 2010. O’Reilly then used his personal connections and influence as a financial supporter of the Nassau County Police Department. He was able to have an unauthorized Internal Affairs investigation conducted on a detective, whom Maureen McPhilmy started dating and eventually married.
  • Upbring: O’Reilly is fond of claiming that he grew up in poverty, having stated repeatedly that, “you don’t come from any lower than I came from on the economic scale”. O’Reilly in fact grew up in an affluent neighborhood in New York and attended both private schools and college.
  • Controversial Comments: Following hundreds of tragic deaths during a brutal heatwave in the southwestern United States, O’Reilly commented that the homeless victims could have survived by “finding a place to cool off”, but that they were “mentally incapable of taking care of themselves”. The truth is that the number of homeless people in the area - including entire families - outnumbered the available shelter spaces by thousands.
  • Welfare: In 2001 O’Reilly stated that the number of single mothers “on welfare” comprised 58% of recipients. In reality that number was approximately 14%.

How do you think they compare? Please comment below.

The Top 5 Most Outrageous "Facts" As Reported By Bill O'Reilly

In today’s media there are trash journalists, and then there’s Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly has single-handedly rewritten the book on false reporting and sensationalism. For all of Donald Trump’s blustering, Barack Obama’s smoke-and-mirrors politics, Bill Clinton’s shenanigans, and all of the other sideshow antics that are coming together to make up Election 2016, Bill O’Reilly’s blatant lies regarding some of the most important topics in the news today overshadow even the most seasoned jester and show the American public the sad lengths some “journalists” will go to just to hear their own voices.

Here is a list of the Top 5 absolutely most outlandish claims reported by Bill O’Reilly as cold, hard facts:

  1. National Public Radio reporter Mike Pesca spoke on the air regarding O’Reilly’s 2001 political registration. O’Reilly immediately dubbed the report “a hatchet job”, saying, “I’ve never heard of Mike Pesca.” In fact, Pesca had personally taped an hour-long interview with O’Reilly for that very report.

  2. In 2004, Bill O’Reilly reported that prior to the 2003 Iraq War, the country was manufacturing chemical weapons. It had been verified that they were NOT doing so.

  3. Also in relation to the war in Iraq, in it’s early months O’Reilly initiated a boycott of French goods in protest of what he claimed was a lack of support by France for the war. In April 2004, O’Reilly stated “They’ve lost billions of dollars in France (due to the boycott) according to the Paris Business Review.” There is in fact no such publication. What’s more, business trade between France and the United States increased during the time period between the start of the Iraq War and O’Reilly making his statement to the contrary. Regardless of those easily-verifiable facts, O’Reilly continued to boast of his “successful boycott” for years to come.

  4. O’Reilly claimed that France was to blame for the war in Iraq due to the fact that France never pushed for a weapons inspection in Iraq. At the time of his statement, it had already been verified that France had in fact done so, on multiple occasions.

  5. O’Reilly callously stated that “many, many, many” victims of Hurricane Katrina remained in New Orleans in the face of the oncoming storm rather than evacuating because they were “thugs” and “drug addicts” who refused to leave without knowing when and where they would be able to get their next fix. The tragic truth was that many were unable to leave the area because they were poor and many did not own a vehicle or have the means to leave, a fact that was known the world over.

alt text

These are just a few examples of the dozens upon dozens of irresponsible, uninformed, and downright untruthful claims Bill O’Reilly has no issue with representing to the American people as “fact”. Even after his stories have been revealed for the lies that they are, this man continues to try to present them as being accurate.

When called out in a public forum regarding these issues, he will attempt to backpedal and change some component of his tale in order to make it appear that a small portion was misrepresented and therefore changed the complete meaning of whatever he was reporting on. He seems truly oblivious to the fact that his fantasy tales are very easily seen for what they are.

One has to wonder what drives an individual like this, one with no couth, no scruples, and no regard whatsoever for the plight of his fellow man, and one has to wonder just how much more of his nonsense the public is going to tolerate.

The Top 5 Times Bill O'Reilly Has Been Dishonest With America

Hot on the heels of the firing of Brian Williams from his position as an anchor at NBC comes even more nonsense from Bill O’Reilly. Claims are surfacing from those in the know that O’Reilly’s lies have reached sufficient number to fill an entire book.

Those who are outraged by the dishonesty of Barack Obama, the shenanigans of Bill Clinton when he held office, and the three-ring circus that is already all things Donald Trump will find new fodder to add to the flames with the latest compilation of O’Reilly revelations. Not mere speculation, but extensive research by watchdog sources such as MediaMatters has verified the falsehood of literally dozens upon dozens of O’Reilly’s tales.

alt text

Let’s take a look at the top 5 lies Bill O’Reilly has told the American people (thus far):

  1. O’Reilly claims to be “an average guy”, able to relate to Joe Everyman of the American people. He has stated that he comes from a background that “doesn’t get any lower on the economic scale.” However, in numerous interviews his mother has spoken of the private school and college O’Reilly attended, the family’s annual Florida vacations, and the affluent, upper middle-class suburb in which they lived and where O’Reilly grew up.

  2. O’Reilly claimed to have won two Peabody Awards as host of the television news magazine Inside Edition in the 1990s. He then changed his story and instead said that it was the Polk Award he won for his work on the program. The truth is he never won either of those awards, not for his work on Inside Edition or any other show. Inside Edition did in fact win a Polk Award in 1996 - a full year after O’Reilly left the show.

  3. O’Reilly stated bluntly that gay marriage destroyed straight marriage, citing as his grounds for such a claim the decline in herterosexual marriages in Sweden following the legalization of same-sex marriage in 1995 in that country. The fact is that following the legalization of gay marriage, the number of heterosexual marriages in Sweden INCREASED. In the United States, heterosexual marriage rates are indeed falling, but this has been the trend since long before gay marriage was legalized in the United States.

  4. One of the most heinous falsehoods to have ever come out of O’Reilly’s mouth is in regards to the American Civil Liberties Union. He has stated that the ACLU defends and supports pedophiles. He claims that they protect and represent “a child’s constitutional right to have sex with an adult.” As unbelievable disgusting as this blatant LIE is, O’Reilly has reported it as fact on more than one occasion.

  5. O’Reilly has stated point-blank that “the only reason to use marijuana is to get high”, completely disregarding the PROVEN medical benefits marijuana has been found to provide. It has been proven that marijuana and products derived from marijuana relieve chronic pain without the serious side effects and the risk of addiction that come with the use of synthetic medications. It has been proven to reduce or eliminate altogether certain serious medical conditions in children, including those that cause seizures.

Bill O’Reilly has left no doubt whatsoever that he has no qualms about misrepresenting even the most important issues. It is media representatives like him who are undermining the foundation of legitimate, responsible reporting and the integrity of those who are committed to bringing the TRUTH to the American people.

Is Donald Trump a Progressive?

Donald Trump has exploded in the media ever since becoming a serious candidate for the 2016 Presidential race. Of course he’s running as a GOP candidate, yet it can be wondered is Donald Trump a democrat or republican?

To take things one step further, Glenn Beck suggests that Donald Trump is a progressive. He has been criticized by his current view point about the challenges affecting America. His critics observe that in the past, he did not care about government policies; but now that he wants to run for president, he argues that the government is the answer to the challenges affecting America.

alt text

The man in question, Donald Trump, stunned Americans when he said that the people in Washington DC are stupid. Was he serious? He went on to explain that if we had smart people in Washington DC, we can run the government better.

When Bill O’Reilly interviewed Glenn Beck, it was clear that Glenn Beck face classifies Trump as a progressive. By his argument, this would compare Trump to the likes of Chairman Mao and Hitler. His main standpoint for calling Donald Trump a progressive is that he (Trump) wants to carry out mass deportations and also build a wall that will stop immigrations of Mexicans to the US. Trump has not had very good luck with Mexicans and he once referred to them as rapists.

Glenn Beck also believes that Trump does not really stand to his principles. Just because Trump has changed his past views and wants to do all these through a bigger government does not totally qualify him as a progressive.

Trump is somewhat conservative and his way of rhetoric extremism is what he uses to present his radical ideas. It is clear that out of the 16 candidates, no one can tell who will win the Republican nomination and in that regard Trump is not less qualified. Just like the many other candidates, border security is a major concern.

Besides, Trump opposes marriage equality, but again he does not propose for constitutional amendments. Also, he opposes raising in the minimum wage but again he does not advocate scrapping it off. Clearly, Trump’s blustery rhetoric does not qualify him a progressive.

A Few Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bill O'Reilly

One of the most influential Republicans on the television and internet, few tell the political news like Bill O’Reilly does. In fact, he’s one of the most highly rated talk show hosts in the world for his off the wall satire, political savvy and staunchly held beliefs. Known as the 7,372nd most popular person in America, as well as a semi-professional baseball player and high school teacher, Bill has had a wide variety of experiences in his past. On top of that, Bill O’Reilly had written several books before he was popular with The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News–including Kids Are Americans Too–how patriotic is that?

Bill O’Reilly has done a great deal with his life, but we’re going to explore some fun facts that you might not know about him:

O’Reilly Got Ludacris Fired

Pepsi fired Ludacris because Bill O’Reilly suggested that all Americans should boycott Pepsi because Ludacris glamorizes a “life full of drug use, disrespect to women, and a life full of guns.” Afterwords, Ludacris referenced O’Reilly in a song called “Number One Spot” where he said “Respected highly, hi Mr. O’Reilly, hope all is well, kiss the plaintiff and the wifey,” in regards to Bill O’Reilly’s widely publicized sexual harassment lawsuit. Ludacris apologized and made amends with Bill later in 2010.

O’Reilly Offended Whoopi Goldberg

On 2010, Bill infuriated Goldberg so much that she walked off the set after they disagreed on comments made about radical Islam. Goldberg believed that O’Reilly shouldn’t be as flippant with anti-Muslim sentiment, but Bill stood behind what he said, comparing the Muslim’s attacks on 9/11 like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in World War II. While he believes what he says was insensitive, he still stands behind his comments, saying that it’s “absolutely true,” and he’s quoted as being offended as well, stating “we should be able to have a discussion without walking off stage.” O’Reilly received a bad rap for this particular incident, when Rosie O’Donnell claimed that it’s just one of the “many hateful things that O’Reilly says.” You know, because O’Donnell never says anything negative.

Anti-Defamation League Criticized Him On His Stance Towards Jews

Bill O’Reilly received a letter from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) regarding some racy comments on The Radio Factor about why O’Reilly believes that Christian holidays are celebrated in school more than Jewish holidays. The question was posted by a listener, and Bill is quoted as saying “Overwhelmingly, America is Christian. And the holiday is a federal holiday honoring the philosopher Jesus. If you don’t want to hear about it… if you’re going to be offended, go back to Israel then.” The ADL responded that Jews are American, and that they’re a part of America’s great religious freedoms. They believed that Bill’s ideology about Christian teachings in school is a very legitimate concern (to them).

As you can see, Bill is always getting himself into some kind of trouble. Keep an eye on him as the 2016 elections draw near and things get more and more heated and ridiculous- we’re sure to have a good time watching.

O'Reilly and the 2016 Presidential Race

In the early part of 2015, everyone had an opinion about the Presidential candidates and the upcoming election. Today, Bill O’Reilly, shares his personal opinions about liberal politics and the new breed of candidates, whose main objective is to win the prize seat inside the White House.

His view on the Republicans and the upcoming election 2016 candidates gives O’Reilly the extra voice he needs to set some things right with Donald Trump. There is much controversy surrounding American Citizenship: who’s legal and who’s not.

O’Reilly vs Trump

According to The O’Reilly Factor, Donald Trump doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ending birthright citizenship, currently in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which says any person born in the United States is recognized as a natural born US citizen. O’Reilly is confident that the United States is not going to initiate a massive deportation of legally born citizens of the United States. O’Reilly and Trump do agree on one thing: the wall along the Mexican border. His argument is that it will cuts down drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.

O’Reilly Speaks Out on Biden’s Decision to Run in 2016

Everywhere Joe goes drama is sure to follow. This is what O’Reilly factor is contemplating, now that Biden is entering the Presidential race for 2016. According to O’Reilly, there is too much live ammunition at this point, targeting Joe Biden. Once he commits to the race, O’Reilly says Biden will be hammered. O’Reilly recalls the disastrous fallout behind the Obama Administration and the Iraq policy.

It seems like Hillary Clinton might be facing criminal charges, which will definitely knock her out of the Presidential race for 2016. O’Reilly says this is exactly what Biden is waiting for, his chance to leap and pounce into a Presidential contest he aims to bring more drama to.

According to O’Reilly

O’Reilly doesn’t bite his tongue nor change his tone when he speaks his opinion. He states that in America’s history of Presidents, our country elects the most liberal Presidents in history. He says that if the upcoming election were based on truth, the Democrats would be smelling really bad right about now.

However, since the election isn’t based truth, political leaders are allowed to trash their opponents with lies, and get away with it. How? Because the liberals seem to control media with skewed information and not the real facts.

5 Interesting & Contradicting Things About Bill O'Reilly

When NBC news anchor Brian Williams was suspended earlier this year for claiming that he nearly got shot from a helicopter while covering US invasion on Iraq story (in 2003), the un-repented Fox News broadcaster, Bill O’Reilly blew it off. His concern was about how the culture of deception had spread within the liberal media.

Yet for many years now, the general public is aware of O’Reilly’s dramatic stories concerning the war time in the 1980s and how the stories have not withstood scrutiny.

Today, there are 5 contradicting statements and questions that the public is asking. Here’s a summary:

Bill O’Reilly’s reporting on El Salvador to Falklands wartime

According to Mother Jones news website, O’Reilly’s reporting on the El Salvador civil war and Falklands conflict was over-played. Furthermore, his comments on the suspension of Brian Williams was termed as “hypocritical”. So, was he exaggerating matters?

Bill O’Reilly’s survival in the wartime zone

Records show that the self-confessed journalist arrived in Buenos Aires before the Argentinians had surrendered to the British. However, it should be noted that Falklands is about 1,200 miles away. Now, according to O’Reilly’s statement, the public is told that he was actually in the war zone – Folkland island, and not in Buenos Aires as it was earlier suggested.

Some critics are also reported saying the Fox news journalist (a media outlet that has been long associated with republicans) journalist only covered a small protest in Buenos Aires, long after the war had died down. According to them, this is not a definition of a combat situation.

Records say no American reporter was permitted to reach Falklands at the time

In his 2001 book entitled ‘‘No Spin Zone’’, O’Reilly publishes his story on how he covered the Falklands war. How come this was possible at a time when no American journalist was allowed to cover any event on the ground?

Bob Schieffer of CBS confirmed to news media outlet Mother Jones that U.S journalists were not permitted to report from Falklands, but were only allowed to report from the Argentinian capital.

O’Reilly’s sarcastic remarks on the post which appeared on Mother Jones

He termed the piece as a politically instigated smear job from a guy who is actually used to doing this. According to O’Reilly, the person who published the article was trying to relate him to Brian Williams as an opportunity to discredit his work. He also confirms that everything he has ever reported concerning his career is pure truth.

He denies telling the public that he reported from Falklands

The O’Reilly factor host says that his report on Buenos Aires as a wartime zone was accurate, and that he never said he was covering the story from Falklands.

He insists that bullets were flying in Buenos Aires, and people were actually going down, hence the term “wartime zone”.