The Top 5 Times Bill O'Reilly Has Been Dishonest With America

Published September 18, 2015

Hot on the heels of the firing of Brian Williams from his position as an anchor at NBC comes even more nonsense from Bill O’Reilly. Claims are surfacing from those in the know that O’Reilly’s lies have reached sufficient number to fill an entire book.

Those who are outraged by the dishonesty of Barack Obama, the shenanigans of Bill Clinton when he held office, and the three-ring circus that is already all things Donald Trump will find new fodder to add to the flames with the latest compilation of O’Reilly revelations. Not mere speculation, but extensive research by watchdog sources such as MediaMatters has verified the falsehood of literally dozens upon dozens of O’Reilly’s tales.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 lies Bill O’Reilly has told the American people (thus far):

  1. O’Reilly claims to be “an average guy”, able to relate to Joe Everyman of the American people. He has stated that he comes from a background that “doesn’t get any lower on the economic scale.” However, in numerous interviews his mother has spoken of the private school and college O’Reilly attended, the family’s annual Florida vacations, and the affluent, upper middle-class suburb in which they lived and where O’Reilly grew up.

  2. O’Reilly claimed to have won two Peabody Awards as host of the television news magazine Inside Edition in the 1990s. He then changed his story and instead said that it was the Polk Award he won for his work on the program. The truth is he never won either of those awards, not for his work on Inside Edition or any other show. Inside Edition did in fact win a Polk Award in 1996 - a full year after O’Reilly left the show.

  3. O’Reilly stated bluntly that gay marriage destroyed straight marriage, citing as his grounds for such a claim the decline in herterosexual marriages in Sweden following the legalization of same-sex marriage in 1995 in that country. The fact is that following the legalization of gay marriage, the number of heterosexual marriages in Sweden INCREASED. In the United States, heterosexual marriage rates are indeed falling, but this has been the trend since long before gay marriage was legalized in the United States.

  4. One of the most heinous falsehoods to have ever come out of O’Reilly’s mouth is in regards to the American Civil Liberties Union. He has stated that the ACLU defends and supports pedophiles. He claims that they protect and represent “a child’s constitutional right to have sex with an adult.” As unbelievable disgusting as this blatant LIE is, O’Reilly has reported it as fact on more than one occasion.

  5. O’Reilly has stated point-blank that “the only reason to use marijuana is to get high”, completely disregarding the PROVEN medical benefits marijuana has been found to provide. It has been proven that marijuana and products derived from marijuana relieve chronic pain without the serious side effects and the risk of addiction that come with the use of synthetic medications. It has been proven to reduce or eliminate altogether certain serious medical conditions in children, including those that cause seizures.

Bill O’Reilly has left no doubt whatsoever that he has no qualms about misrepresenting even the most important issues. It is media representatives like him who are undermining the foundation of legitimate, responsible reporting and the integrity of those who are committed to bringing the TRUTH to the American people.